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Philadelphia Traffic Court

Philly Traffic Court Judges Acquitted of Most Ticket-Fixing Charges

At the conclusion of a judicial corruption trial, four Philadelphia Traffic Court judges were found guilty of perjury and giving false statements, but they were found not guilty of other charges, The Legal Intelligencer's P.J. D'Annunzio reports. All of the defendants were found not guilty of the wire and mail fraud, aiding and abetting, and conspiracy charges.

Did Internal Investigation Affect Federal Prosecution of Traffic Court Corruption?

Philadelphia Traffic Court judges facing federal charges for allegedly fixing tickets argue that an internal investigation influenced federal investigators in building their criminal case, the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeremy Roebuck reports. Defense lawyers contend that their clients were promised that their statements to Investigator William G. Chadwick, who was commissioned to do the internal investigation, would remain confidential and they thus made incriminating statements, the Inquirer reports.

Another investigator Jessica Davis testified in federal court that they ensured their investigation was kept separate from federal law enforcement, the Inquirer also reports.

The federal judge has not yet ruled on the issue.

Supreme Court Mulls Its Power To Suspend Judges

In the wake of a ticket-fixing scandal and ensuing federal prosecution, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard oral arguments Monday on whether the justices, along with the court that hears judicial discipline cases, can suspend judges that get into trouble, @zneedlestli reported for The Legal Intelligencer.

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