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About Amaris Elliott-Engel & Cultivated Compendium

Amaris Elliott-EngelAmaris Elliott-Engel is a lawyer who has written about courts and legal affairs for over a decade. She is a staff attorney with Legal Assistance of Western New York. She defends low-income and middle-class homeowners in mortgage foreclosure cases, advocates for claimants in their Social Security Disability benefits cases, represents clients who are transgender in obtaining name changes and assists clients with HIV/AIDS with their legal needs. Previously, she was a contract staff attorney at the Media Law Resource Center, which she initially joined as the 2013-2014 Legal Fellow. She earned her law degree from the Temple University Beasley School of Law during the same time she worked for six years as a staff writer for the oldest legal newspaper in the country, ALM's The Legal Intelligencer. She also worked for three years as a police and courts reporter for The Citizen, a Lee Enterprises newspaper in upstate New York. Her work also has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Buffalo News, the Albany Times-Union, the Nation Magazine, the Washington Times, the National Law Journal, the New York Law Journal, the Philadelphia City Paper, the Connecticut Post and others.

Cultivated Compendium is a periodic blog rounding up news coverage of important, cutting-edge or interesting legal trends as well as original legal reporting from Amaris.

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