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The Legal Problems with Wearables

The Legal Intelligencer's Lizzy McLellan has a piece analyzing the legal problems posed by wearable technology: "Lawyers in the technology space agreed that new capabilities provided by wearable devices like Google Glass and GoPro cameras, as well as nonwearable but portable devices, like smartphones and tablets, have created some questions of criminal and civil law that have yet to be answered, or are answered inconsistently in different jurisdictions. But that will not slow down users and creators of those tools, they said."

Matthew C. Mousley of Duane Morris, told McLellan that invasion of privacy claims will turn on the venue where the technology is used, including if there is an expectation that actions won't be recorded in that space or there is a policy against recording in that space.

Apples Comes to Electronic Health Records

Apple's partnership with Epic Systems, the dominant vendor of electronic health records, on a HealthKit platform for health apps and tracking devices will initially store around 60 different types of health data, Forbes contributor Zina Moukheiber writes. A conusmer using HealthKit has to give Apple permission to share biometrics with Epic's electronic health record system for patients, MyChart, in order to notify their clinicians.

This partnership could be a key step in making electronic health records more portable and interoperable between different healthcare providers. There also will be privacy concerns that Apple will have to engage with as it moves into the health information technology sector.

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