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Delaware Losing Luster as Corporate Haven

Companies including Dole and are souring on Delaware as the place of their incorporation, The Wall Street Journal's Liz Hoffman reports: "Dole is one of several companies that say the state has become less hospitable toward business. Among their gripes: a growing tide of shareholder litigation, which some feel the state hasn’t done enough to curb. One new measure bars companies from shifting their legal fees to shareholders who sue and lose—a boon to would-be plaintiffs."

One of the main complaints from Dole and is against appraisal suits, which require companies to pay interest on the value of all claims disputing the price paid.

Delaware is the legal home to 54 percent of public companies, and the Delaware Court of Chancery has had its filings increase by 20 percent between 2003 and 2012, the WSJ reports.